The Varna Chamber of Commerce and Industry unites, voices and defends the interests and rights of its members (Business Community from the Varna Region) towards the Executive and the Legislature by means of development and co-ordination of attitudes on law and normative projects. The Chamber assists commercial activity of the companies by:
• Consulting in trade-laws, marketing, customs, patent and quality (ISO 9000) problems;
• Issue certificates of origin and other foreign trade documents, certificates from its Companies Register, Force-majore certificates;
• Aid in issue of business visas for Bulgarian businessmen and issue of Invitations for foreign businessmen in Bulgaria;
• Support the Trade Register of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry for the Varna Region;
• Organizing of seminars, training and courses;
• Consulting of foreign businessmen in investment opportunities in the Region and Bulgarian trade laws;
• Organizing of business missions and delegations, presentation of foreign companies;
• Co-organizing of most trade fairs and exhibitions in the Region, such as Varna Fair "Varna Expo", Fair of Tourism and Leisure Time, Exhibition "Made in Bulgaria", etc.
The Varna Chamber of Commerce and Industry aids the establishing of contacts between trade partners, organizes business meetings, forums and presentations, visits of fairs and exhibitions, etc. On the base of signed agreements for collaboration, the Chamber realizes useful trade links and contacts with Chambers of Commerce from Europe, Balkan and Black Sea Region, the Near East. The Chamber represents the interests and rights of the employers from Varna Region in the Boards of Varna District.