The membership at the Varna Chamber of Commerce and Industry is voluntary. There are immediate, associated, honorary members and corresponding members.

Immediate members of the Chamber could be:
• legal entities, performing or supporting economical activities
• natural persons, regitered through the proper channels for the performance of economic activity.
• unions, scientific institutes, associations of legal entities and natural persons performing economic activitie.

Corresponding members of the Chamber could be Univercity Rectors, arbiters of voluntary arbitrations,local authority and govertnment representatives, as well as foreign chambers.

Honorary members of the Chamber can be persons from the country and abroad who have special merits for the successful work of the chamber.

Associated members of the Chamber are companies, registered by the Chamber in the unified voluntary trade register of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

New members of the Chamber are approved by written application to the Managing Committee. Enclosed with the application should be:
• registration card;
• updated certificate for no previous conviction;
• references from a company-immediate member of the Chamber;
• certified financial statement for the last year
• two photographs of the company manager.
• membership is granted after a favourable decision of the Chamber Managing Committee and after the membership feee is paid.Membership is proved by a membership card.The membership feee is assigned according to the statute and by the Mamaging Committee and number of the staff and the activities of the company.

Membership is terminated:
- By a three month written notification to the Managing Committee;
- At declared bancrupt;
- At termination of a legal entity;
- By decision of the Managing Committee for systematically breaching of the statute regulations;
- For not paying the membership due for the year.